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Digital Content That Speaks to Humans — Not Machines

Copywriting and digital content creation is our bread and butter. But the customer always chooses the filling.

Digital Content

We write content for a variety of digital platforms, including video and mobile apps. Whether you need a script or a blog post, we can help.

Digital Publishing

We manage several of our own websites. We can do the same for you — ensuring your online presence is constantly being refreshed.


We create copy that speaks directly to consumers, not search engines. But we always ensure our website copy is fully optimized for Google.

Web Design

Why go to one company for your website and another for your content? We can design a website and fill it with quality content.

The Star of the Show!

My name is Malcolm Cox, and I'm a professional copywriter. I spend most of my time ghost writing blog posts, creating website copy and managing my own websites.

But my path to copywriting greatness in the UK has been somewhat unconventional. After training as a newspaper journalist, I put my writing expertise to great use within the retail and catering sectors. Between 1998 and 2012, I worked for companies such as Scottish & Newcastle, Starbucks, Borders and Baxter Storey. After a much-needed career break, I decided to become a copywriter, and I haven't looked back since.

Working for clients such as Shark, Ninja, Quandoo and BudgetAir, I've developed my own style of writing over the years. You'll find my copy personal and conversational — and often a little unconventional. But I firmly believe that standard corporate-speak often becomes invisible. Hire me, and you'll get content that makes people react.

I love writing; even if I'm simply writing Facebook posts for a plumbing company. But I also get a thrill from identifying the target audience and striking the perfect tone. This is why I spend a lot of time with my clients on creating the ideal customer. Once I know who I'm writing for, I can make sure the message hits home.

I always right for humans, as they're quick to tell me about typos and malapropisms, homophones and homonyms (see what I did there). But seriously; I don't write for Google search engines. Yes, my work is optimised for search engine results pages, but that's never my priority. Quality, tone and voice are always my copywriting priorities. I'll use keywords where appropriate, but my content will always be natural and... well... human.


Content that speaks to humans — not machines

Website Copywriting

Web content that speaks to humans but also gets the attention of Google and other leading search engines.

Blog Posts

Informative and engaging blog posts that keep websites fresh and contemporaneus.


Keep your customers interested with engaging and informative email newsletters.

Press Releases

Launch new products and services with a bang. We write press releases that grab the attention of editors.

Marketing Copy

We have experience in writing copy for leaflets, brochures, emails, Facebook posts and much more.

Content Tune-Ups

We can assess your current content and tweak it for better consumer engagement and improved SEO.

Advertising Copywriting

We assess the benefits of products and services and communicate them in the most engaging way possible.

Brand Copywriting

We can help with the creation of your brand, logo and slogans. We'll even help you to name your brand.


A few words from some of our happy clients...

Nina Jackson

Social Media Manager

"Love the articles, Malcolm. Just what we're looking for. And thanks for doing those telephone interviews for us.

Phil Knight

Vice President

"Thanks for the web copy, Malcolm. Strikes the right balance of conversational and informational."

Scott Simpson


"Thanks for everything. We love the web copy, and we'll be back for more blog posts in the future.?

Pete Hart


"Thanks for the copy, it was great. And my son loved the blog post on Arsenal — he's a huge fan!"

Let us assess your copywriting requirements — for free.

There are several fantastic UK copywriters plying their trade right now. We know you're spoilt for choice. Before you make a decision, tell us about your project. We'll take a quick look and furnish you with a few choice opinions and recommendations. Email us with all the details, including website address, target audience, your competitors and the ultimate goal of your content.

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Just a few of our happy clients